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Appeal to your customers with digital marketing and a great visual design with our mobile sales tool. The app is individually designed to facilitate the sales flow for your salespeople by gathering all sales and marketing materials in one application.

Our customers use the Sales Tools app at trade fairs, at sales meetings and as an internal sales enablement tool. That way, they stand out among their competitors and are more efficient in their sales.

Your material, whether it is video, images, documents or the like, can be displayed digitally and give your visitors an interactive experience with your brand.

Mobile sales tools

Sales tools
The typical b2b sales cycle consists of the following stages: prospect, contact, compatibility
and analysis, pitch and propose, negotiation, closing, nurturing/ongoing engagement. To
achieve as much success as possible with your sales prospects you’ll need bespoke tools at
your disposal and there are many different options available to you.
Any tool should be built with the buyer’s journey in mind, from awareness of their need for a
sales tool, to consideration of the different available approaches that can meet their needs, to
deciding on the solution strategy they would like to purchase.

Sales tools are a great time saver by allowing salespeople access to a digital portal packed
with relevant information; containing everything from sales literature and presentations, to
notes about previous sales meetings and data on the customer's activity with the products
that have previously been sent to them.

With a mobile app, your team can get all the benefits of a b2b sales tools on the go, even
while they are not connected to the internet. Carry out your sales enablement at any location
via digital presentations, forms, communication, integration, statistics, and orders all within
one app.

Sales tool Mobile sales tool

What is a sales tool?

Sales tools are overarching platforms which include several different technologies used
specifically to aid in sales; digital sales rooms, customer relationship management, sales
analytics, document tracking, client engagement, database integration, marketing automation

What is a sales tool?

What are sales tools?

Sales tool

Free sales tools

Sales tool categories:

Ccustomer relationship management (CRM)
Ssales intelligence
Lead handling
Sales training
Sales enablement
Sales acceleration
Sales gamification
Sales analytics
Marketing automation

Sales tools are applications and software used by sales people to make their job easier.

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