Sales enablement

what is sales enablement

What is sales enablement

Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with the resources they need.

Sales enablement is a strategic discipline designed to increase sales and productivity.

The sales enablement platform and resources may include content, knowledge and sales tools to effectively sell your product and services to customers.

What is Sales Enablement
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What is Sales Enablement

When it comes to optimizing a company's resources, it is important to keep track of the time spent on the various activities. A basic tool in this regard is time registration. To be sure that all tasks are performed within the specified time limit and within the established framework, you must make sure to keep an overview of the number of hours you spend on the various projects. A tool to record the number of hours needed and this is where an app comes into the picture. Many employees miss the opportunity to be able to update and stay up to date on the projects the company is currently working on. In this way, everyone can follow how far the projects are and when to make their own contribution to the tasks - thereby no one in the company wastes hours or other resources on unnecessary work. Is the salesman meeting in Copenhagen, the technician somewhere in North Jutland and the electrician visiting Assens, well then it's nice to be able to stand "out in the field" with his tablet, iphone, android, or windows phone, and update on his tasks, so you know exactly how far you have come.

Does sales enablement work?

The goal of Sales Enablement is to create a business organization and thus make it easier for the sales force in the sales department to both increase sales significantly and that this is also more efficient with a sales presentation platform. Studies show that only a small portion of a salesperson's time is actually spent selling.